Rodney Howard Browne – Victoria D. Testimony

In 2009 Pastors Eric and Jennifer ministered at a campmeeting where I answered the call of God. When I got prayed for, the presence of God came so strong on me like I had never experienced before. I wept and wept from my guts as I literally felt things lifting off me like birds flying away. That week I was also delivered from a spirit of fear that had tormented me almost my whole life. After those meetings I started watching the Anointing series and, and God began to set me free in my mind from strongholds and superstitions, and stir a greater hunger in me. I had been searching for the truth and the presence of God and I knew I finally found what I was looking for! The Lord had never been so real to me in my life.

A year later Pastor Rodney held meetings in my area and I felt the Lord telling me to come to Bible school to prepare for what’s coming. Even the very first week of school God touched my life in such an incredible way. Every class felt like I was on God’s operating table as He has been doing a work in my heart and changing me. Right from the very first soul winning day God began to give me boldness to witness, where before I would shrink back. He has also been expanding the love of God in my heart for people more and more. This whole year He has been breaking off layers of fear and condemnation. I’ve experienced the love of God tangibly like I never had before. God has set me free in my mind more and more through the truth of the Word that has been preached in the classes and services. The Lord has also been doing a wonderful work in my family and restoring my relationship with my parents.

There’s so much more I can’t even put adequately into words, I’m so overwhelmed with God’s goodness and so thankful He brought me to RBI……….Victoria D.

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