Rodney Howard Browne – Taisha M. Testimony

All I kept telling her was ‘’ Mom I don’t know how GOD is going to do what he’s going to do  but I know he’s going to do it, and he knows Janezzia has to start school. He knows what I need. I don’t have to worry. I’m doing what he tells me to do  and  I’m being obedient.’’ Well on my birthday SEPT. 2, 2011 which was on a Friday after school I was sitting in the sanctuary with my eyes closed talking with GOD. A little bit of worry began to come in so I was just asking him if there was something else he wanted me to do that I had not done I was starting to not understand some things.

Then I heard  pastor David say excuse me I opened my eyes looked at him said hello and he say’s’’ I would like to talk with you for a second, You know we heard that you had a need.  I just started crying. I felt that warm liquid pour all over me again. Like wow! I got blessed with the exact money I needed and Got an apt. 10 minutes from work and from church. All within two days from my move date. GOD rearranged everything else. Now to me the amazing thing is not that GOD gave me the money I needed. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that GOD”S WORD is true! JESUS is alive! I have developed a closer relationship with JESUS. Learning  how  to have an intimate one with him. My faith has been activated. I know that GOD really loves me. But I don’t fully understand how much. But I know I’m going to comprehend very soon I can feel it. Love really does conquer all.

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