Rodney Howard Browne – Sharon Testimony

The word of God is truly powerful, sharper than any two edged sword   When your heart is open to hear the word, so you can do what the word says and be obedient, you will truly produce much fruit in your life. I can never get too much of the word and no matter how many times you may hear a particular passage of the Bible, it will always continue to produce fruit if you are open to hearing it again. I am so thankful for the word of truth being taught at the River. When we continue to allow the word to be sown in our hearts, we will keep our hearts pure toward God and man, and we will not allow the little foxes to come in and destroy us. We will know who we are in Christ, we will stand on the promises and continue in faith and have an intimate relationship with the Lord, because the more of the word you read or listen to with hunger, the more of the word you want. It really is health to your bones and food to your flesh. It is real spiritual medicine.  When I am discouraged, when I am happy, when I just want to learn, the word always satisfies.  I would be so lost and so miserable if I did not allow the word to come and be bread for my spirit. The word is there whenever a lie from the enemy comes and it is a mighty weapon against anything I face.


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