Rodney Howard Browne – Lenora E. Testimony

These past three weeks have really changed my life all around.  I know that God is building me up like

building blocks  which I believe started in Mobile, AL and thus continues here but as I thought about the process of rebuilding something new It has to start with removing the old and building on a  new foundation. God is  tearing down the old and starting from the beginning with a more solid,  strong, unbreakable, unmovable, non-waivering foundation built on the word of God inside and out.  I know without a shadow of  a doubt that this is the process I’m going throught right now.  Once God is finished tearing down the old he will start building up the new.

During the first week and a half I for the very first time ever in my life received the spirit of Joy.  It was during the time  Pastor Todd Holmes ministered on the Holy Spirit and then he layed hands on everyone that day.  I the woman that’s very laid back, shy don’t like to cause a sceen, prefer to be in the background and  unseen;  I started laughing uncontrollably and loud.  I was so shocked but I didn’t care it was AWESOME.

The spirit of joy  has changed my pass, present and future because I was a victim of child molestation by family members and when I would think (pass)about that little 7 year old  girl, afraid, hurt, confused, not able to fight back, lonely, I felt worthless, I felt so ugly,sad, unable to express feelings of happiness, sadness or joy but since that day the spirit of joy came in I now can  look at that little girl staring in the mirror and I know longer see her crying but I see her laughing (present).  I see her becoming who God created her to be.  That God loves me and he has a wonderful plan for my life(present and future).

My life is not about me but it is All About HIM for I  put my life in the palm of the Masters Hands. Still a work in Progress.

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