Rodney Howard Browne – Devotha M. Testimony

It is a miracle that I am here today at the Bible school; three months ago I was in Huntsville, Alabama. With God Grace I am here today. Since I got here my life has been radically changed. It is one this to read about believing God to provide for my life and it is another thing to have to live it. Three weeks ago I had to quit my job which provided security for me and my children and come to Bible school. I almost did not come because I was too worried about my kids and I though it was impossible for me to do it, but I can truly say it today with God nothing is impossible.

I obey my God and let go of my Job and I surrender my life and my children to God completely. The day I joined the school some people thought I have lost my mind but I did not care much what they think, I care what Lord my God think of me. One week after the Bible school started the Lord gave me a Job which was perfect for the school schedule and more than that He gave me a Job that is

Five dollars more than what I was getting paid an hour in my former Job. I am telling you I said five dollar more an hour Hallelujah, Glory to God. I know now without a doubt the God is my provider and He is always on time. One more thing I was very afraid to pray for people but now not only I cannot wait to see God move, everyone I have prayed within call center and Soul winning time for healing, they received instant healing.

Rodney Howard Browne – It gets better I work at night when I am at work I speak in Tongues all night and I as the Lord be real to me and I believe He is  real person of Jesus, He will feel me with His heavy presence my whole body receive shocks and I will feel Him holding my Hand like a Father leading a Child, I am having a blessing with the Lord in my whole life I knew the God of the Bible but now I know the one who comes to me all the time even during classes. God you are Good my Lord, you are too good to me, Thank you for RBI and thank you for Pastor Rodney and the whole Church Lord…..Devotha M.

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