Rodney Howard Browne – Carissa P. Testimony

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I was at a high school football game.  During the prayer, “Fill me with the Holy Spirit,” some friends asked “What are you doing?”  I got a total of 78 salvations at the football game.

I prayed for a women’s foot to be healed of chronic pain. The pain went away and she was able to rotate her foot and do things she couldn’t do before.   I was walking along one day and practicing the script and all of a sudden a man came out of nowhere and prayed the prayer along with me and got saved!!!  I also led a Muslim to the Lord and he was very excited and said he was going tell all his friends about it!!

This is my third day of going out on the streets.  Personal evangelism has always been very hard for me even though my husband is constantly winning people to the Lord.  During the last two days, I was able to pray with 5 people because someone else had stopped them.  However today, I was able to stop 3 people myself and pray with them.  It was so great!  I am no longer afraid!

I was in a nursing home soul winning and came across a man who the nurses said would not respond. I prayed the prayer with him and asked if he prayed the prayer. He squeezed my hand and began to cry.

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