Michelle Testimony

Wow. The first quarter of internship has gone by so fast. I’ve learned so much during these past months and the Lord has definitely stretched me A LOT! It’s been GAT mode for the past couple of months. From summer camp meeting to New London, Brooksville, Ft Myers, Tallahassee, Mobile, and now Hurricane Mills. Whether there at the GATs or here in Tampa, the Lord has been teaching me new ways to improve in helping, serving, or just even sowing. To be able to serve in a GAT or be part of team that serves in a GAT is awesome. To see these people that have never gone out soul winning or have never been in a revival service, just to see them touched and change is a life changing experience and it just encourages me and builds me up in so many ways. I’ll never forget the first time I went out soul winning. I still remember my soul count for the day, 7!! It’s so awesome that now I can go out and teach other people what I learned two years ago. I can’t wait for what’s about to come these next few months. God is going to do some awesome things here in America!!


Davis Testimony

Wow- Next Level Youth Camp was a week to never forget. What God did in five short days was completely life changing, and there is no real way to put it into words. “Next Level” became a reality and was no longer just the title of a camp, but something tangible to step into.

Going into internship in the youth department has been incredible. I have loved getting to know the young people and building relationships, but camp took everything a step farther. God placed a burden in my heart for this generation and completely broke my heart for our students. Every day the devotion times were amazing- getting to hear from the students on a closer level and hearing what God was doing on a daily basis in their lives through the night services, devotion times and throughout each day.

As much as I thought this week would be about the students (and it was) God completely changed MY life also. He went where no man could go, and did such a deep work in my heart and life. Every night the services were like no other. As soon as I thought they couldn’t get any better, the following night would blow our minds. The presence of God was thicker than I can ever remember feeling before. I had never seen young people so hungry and expectant for an encounter with God. It was an encouragement to me to continue to stay hungry and thirsty for God and to never become satisfied or complacent in my relationship with Him, but to always be striving for more- for the Next Level!