Rodney Howard Browne – Patrick Testimony

The heart is the place where the word should be received and be discerned by the Holy Spirit so that the word can take root when the enemy comes to steal which has been sown into you. If you do not study to show yourself approved unto God then the enemy can come in and steal it from you and it will become ineffective when the world’s problems descend upon you. You have to have the word of God rooted in you so that when the enemy comes against you, you can resist him. The faith of a mustard seed is all that is required in order for God to grow your faith until it becomes mighty and rooted in you. When it becomes a mighty tree with its roots strongly grounded and immovable and the storms of life blow against you, you can stand firm because of the foundation you have in the word of God. The harvest of souls is great so we must guard our heart with all diligence and meditate on the word of God day and night.

By adhering to these truths, I have found that my personal walk with the Lord has been strengthened and my ability to hear what the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to do has as well. I feel that I hear His voice stronger and that my boldness to be a witness for Him has increased greatly.  The provision for me and my family continues to amaze me as I sow into His ministry and believe God for all my needs. The storms of life and the winds of adversity have blown but I find that I can still come back to that place in Christ and be assured that the Lord has my back.