Rodney Howard Browne – Clover W. Testimony

I was in Tuesday night’s service and the power of God hit me hard. I was so elated with laughter. I hadn’t laughed hard in a while, so as you can see I feel like I got a second wind of energy to do what God has called me to do and that is to GO and tell the world about Jesus! In the meetings I can see joy returning to God’s people. I can see the power of God moving and changing this nation. When I watched on the video clips and I see the people from around the world share their testimony about how our telecast is touching and changing their life I am even more encouraged. One of my highlight was on Thursday when I served in the Call Center.

I love praying for people and so I was excited about this opportunity. I had back to back calls from hungry men and women of God who were watching the program and wanted the Fire of God in their life. As I prayed with each and every one of them I could feel anointing and power come upon myself and them. The best part of it is when you finished praying and they thank you profusely for praying for them and how they feel the weight come off of them. It is such an honor to serve the Lord and His people. I am very excited about what God is doing and about what is about to take place in the lives of many around the world. -Clover W

Rodney Howard Browne – Jessie V.Testimony

It has been a wonderful week of meetings. The way that God was moving freely in the meeting, as the Pastor was speaking the Word of God the power of the Holy Spirit was falling. As I looked around, you could see the ones that he was touching first. Some were crying and some were laughing. One by one Pastor was calling them out to the front as the ushers brought the person out and stood him or her up in front of the Pastor, and all Pastor had to do is to say Fire!

Or Jesus! He spoke with boldness and authority to point people knew that he was being use by the Holy Spirit. He was move back and forth as pass you can feel the strong presences of God it just overwhelms you. He continues on with the massage about the Holy Spirit and the fire. As you seat back in your seat you could hear the laughter spreading likes a wave as he walking back and forth.

The oil of the heavenly Joy was stirring up from within the inside. It felt like as something was rushing out of me. The more the people laugh the more the Lord pour out his new wine upon us. At the close to the end of service Pastor called for a salvation alter call and told them to come up Man! The people that stood up and made their way to the front for the prayer, it brought tear to my eyes as they stood there saying the prayer of salvation. Boy enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Pastor. -Jessie V.