Rodney Howard Browne – Lauren P. Testimony

I have been so blessed to participate in the call center, taking the incoming calls of the Great Awakening broadcast. It is wonderful to hear the people asking for the fire of God and wanting to be soul winners. The new soul winners are very excited about how the script actually works. Most of them are in awe of how simple the script is yet seeing great results.

The callers are themselves crying when they tell of reading the script to someone who did accept Jesus and then that person either broke down crying themselves or were so filled with joy that everyone around them could see the change on their face.  I have had callers who have asked for a list of the Soul Saving Stations because they took the script to their Pastor, who said they could use it individually, however the church was not going to participate. Also the Pastors have told them they didn’t want to hear about the fire or the Holy Spirit.

So…..these church members are so on fire for God that they are planning to leave their current church and move to a church on fire for Jesus, one that wins souls and wants the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Those churches on board with what the Holy Spirit is doing are going to grow and walk in power. Those that don’t………well….  Sounds like a revolution to me!  -Lauren P.