Rodney Howard Browne – Kai C. Testimony

Last Tuesday was my first time answering calls for the Great Awakening prayer line, and let me tell you it was amazing!  The people calling in are so hungry for change, for freedom, and for the presence of God. They want the real thing and not some motivational speech.    It is such an honor just to have the opportunity to stand in agreement and pray with these precious people.  One of the biggest highlights of the night for me was a lady that called in from Virginia just outside of Washington D.C.  I asked her what she wanted to pray about and she said for her son to get saved, and for finances.  So I simply asked “Ms is your son there right now?”  And she replied “Yes but I don’t think he will talk to you”.

So I said “What will it hurt just to ask?”  Long story short he took the phone I and I got to lead him to the Lord right there on the phone if front of his mother!  I shared a few things with this young man and then he gave the phone back to his mother, and the first thing she said is “I can’t believe that just happened”.  I told her that it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance. Then I said “Now let’s pray for your finances!”  The best part is that her faith was raised to believe for the finances because she saw her son get saved instantly which was her first request.  God is so awesome! It blesses me every time I think about this dear lady and what happened in her life.  She could have been praying for her son to get saved for years and God used me as a vessel to answer that prayer what an honor.  All glory to God.-Kai C.

Rodney Howard Browne- Sandra P. Testimony

What have I learned out of these Great Awakening nightly services?  Too much to express in a few words here.  The power of submission and authority under your Ministry of Helps, when you are at the point of exhaustion because you are thinking in your flesh, this ONE TRIBE Conference is awesome, but way too long.  The awesomeness of our partners, CTN, Direct TV, Dish network, Genesis 680, Overland Missions, to all get together and make this vision happen.

I apologize for being absent on Friday and Sunday from Main Event service but I still felt I was there because the morning service, I heard through the radio, and the evening service  I saw through tv.  I was even able to experience the Call Center on both sides of the spectrum, last Wednesday as an operator on first shift, and Friday late at night, as a sick sinner who called in on second shift because her throat decided to bother her.  However, I have no fear because I know that by the stripes of my LORD and SAVIOR J E S US !!!!! I am healed.-Sandra P.

Camp Meeting God – Rodney Howard Browne

Since the October camp meeting God has been working in my heart about “the power.” I used to only worry about head knowledge and just to learn things until the October camp meeting. Then a preacher mentioned what Jesus’ response was to a messenger sent by John the Baptist asking, “Are you the One?” Jesus’ answer never seemed that way to me before but He was clearly saying go tell him all the miracles happening through the power. So without power our works do not mean much.  When we are so focused on information and performance it is so easy to just do things based on the information. But without the power all passes by but what happened to you or what you have seen with your eyes remains.

Since then I am more aware of the power. Just like I heard of Dr. Phil saying last night motivational messages won’t go far. I know from myself going to church and listening to a great message. By Tuesday excitement is gone and by Friday you may not even remember the message. But when there is a demonstration that happens either to me or another it stays with you. How could you deny or forget how God healed you? Both from a physical or spiritual pain.

When you come from a Muslim background, especially as a woman you are not worth much. But I keep hearing more and more that Jesus gave His everything so I am worth everything to Him-Hicran M.