Ministers Conference 2010 – Maria H.Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

I would start by saying revival means awakening !!! It’s the hand of the Lord, migthy. It can be explained as the act and intervention of God outpouring the Holy Spirit. During the awesome Revival of last week, I witnessed that the Lord moved in an unique way doing wonderful things such as healings, miracles, signs and wonders, impartation and revelations.

The essence of a revival is when the Holy Spirit comes down from heaven upon us as a group of people gathered in the church. It’s a special visitation . I was really impacted by the words of the song ” No Limits, No Boundaries, I see increase all around me, Breakthrough, Release me and Enlarge my territory. As we worship God we give Him our best, and ourselves. ” Rom 12: 1 ” We worship in spirit and truth. How do I aplly those words ? Limits can come in many shapes and sizes such as : You are to young, to old, to poor or you are to smart, but for God there are No Limits !!

I was able to see the diversity of people used during those meetings. Ex : No respect persons ” Act 10: 34 ” I see very clearly that God doesn’t show partiality. He used Pastor Maldonado ( Hispanic ) and also Pastor Robert ( Canadian ) ” Mark 11:23 Whosoever …… Increase all around me.I would apply that to my Faith . Faith ? Something you and I exercise every day in our lives. My faith increases because the key is ” Trusting in God ” My faith needs to be practiced and disciplined, then I can move in the spirit realm and get closer to God.

The words ” Release me ” The same way Jesus released some apostles, prophets,teachers and pastors to the church during those days, today we can be any of them . We have a Mission on this earth. Each of the categories has an specific purposse, focus and anointing, providing something to accomplish God’s will. Also the Lord releases the power to be an overcomer. When I see things not by the circumstances instead only by Jesus’s eyes. As an overcomer I need to see all the possibilities, not the impossibilities . Remember with God ” Nothing is impossible “. Overcome is coming off victorious by allowing Jesus to live through us and studying the Word of God . Totally beleive in Him alone !!!

With the words ” Breakthrough ” God can break/destroy any turmoill or any attack of the enemy by renewing our minds daily. It’ s essential to be focus, then after doing that all things can line out with our spiritual senses. In conclusion I would describe that Revival as phenomenal, radical and mainly a holy event which gave each of us the impartation and the equipment to keep * Pressing in …… Hallelujah …………