Rodney Howard Browne – Kai C. Testimony

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Soul winning for me has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. It was so hard for me because I have had to get over myself time and time again. The first time I went out soul winning my group and I went the local mall in the parking lot and I didn’t want to talk to people because they were shopping. I hate to be bothered when I’m shopping so I didn’t talk to anyone. It was all about me and how I felt and not about Jesus.

The next time I went out my group and I went to a bus stop and finally things started breaking in my life. I went through the script with a guy standing at the bus stop. He was waiting for the bus so that he could go see his physiatrist because he was depressed. I went through the whole script and he wouldn’t pray. I tried with everything in me to get him to, and I was almost in tears because I knew deep down in my heart he needed to pray. I had never felt so much compassion for anyone in my life I wanted so badly for him to pray but he just said “I appreciate your conviction but no thanks”. So I said God bless and walked away.

Since that day I have led close to 1000 people to the Lord. Ironically it was the rejection that inspired me to press on. That was the day I realized that I had something precious on the inside of me that the world needs and that is Jesus. I have jumped on city buses, broken up fights, and basketball games all to preach to gospel of Jesus.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jolanta P. Testimony

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Soul winning is great thing and change forever not only person who receives salvation ,but it changing me personally over and over every time when I am preaching Good News , because of Jesus Christ who is real God and because of eternity!

Before I came to RBI I really did not know what is soul winning, I did not know how to lead people to the Lord. As a Christian I want to tell others about Jesus who He is and how good He is, but because I used my own ability just few by that way came to Kingdom of God. I did not know that the Word of God is the power for the salvation of everyone and I did not know that soul winning is the passion, not the program.

So, when I started last year winning souls the Holy Spirit showed me that he worked seven years on my own salvation. He showed me exactly when and where he started and how he finished with me that I finally surrounded to him. It shocked me and absolutely convinced me that soul winning is right and this is the God and His Word that is pulling people to Him, and we are just vessels that He is using to reach people to His Kingdom. I learned here that going on the streets is simple fulfilling Jesus words: “Go into the entire world and preach the good news” (Mark 16, 15) and we must do His Word, not only know about it!

The more I went on the street the more passion for souls and more holy boldness I got. I see lives changed right in the moment of receiving their salvation. I see those people coming to the church; accomplish the Word of God by bringing families and others to the church. I see how much they are blessed just because this ministry has a passion for souls and somebody obeyed God’s Word. I am amazed to see, what God can do to others when do what He wants us to do. It is much more to say about soul winning every moment of winning souls is a testimony. My spirit is always broken when we preach Good News in nursing and retirement homes is seemed that we arrived there on the last moment of people breath.

The soul winning change me forever and I can say: I am not ashamed of the gospel. (Rom.1, 16).

Matters of the Heart | Michael Perry Testimony

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On Sunday, December 13, our church, the River of Tampa Bay, my wife and I helped out with a large outreach to the local communities of Tampa Bay. One of the tools our church uses to bring in the lost is our bus ministry. My wife and I have personally been soul witnessing on one particular route, route 3, almost every Saturday. The bus we were on serviced this route. As we were driving from the church to the bus route 3 area to drop off the local residents, I struck up a conversation with an older man. He had an interesting story as he told me about his family and the Pentecostal church they owned back in Tennessee and how he had gotten away from the Lord for many years while he worked for the circus hustling people. He said that he gave his life to the Lord in 2006 and gave all indications that he was saved. I began to share my testimony with him, about how God had brought me from a long way. I spoke of the goodness of God. I spoke of winning souls in his area. As we passed, certain areas I told him about the different people I had meet and seen saved. Street after street. Block after block. I noticed that he had a Spanish soul winning script and asked if he had an English one. He did and I asked him if someone had prayed with him using the script. He said no, so I thought I would do some training with him so that he might possible use the script himself. I went through the script and he answered no if he would go to heaven. I figured he was just working with me on the script. It was not until we were half way through the prayer of salvation that I realized for him, it was real. At the end of the prayer I asked him if he really prayed the prayer. He said yes. I presumed that he was either witnessed to either on the way to church or answered the alter call at church. Sometimes you just never know. Luke 15:7.

Matters of the Heart

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This past Sunday was amazing! It was incredible to see the harvest of souls come in, and being touched by the love of God, not just by the message – but also through the more natural means… a bag of food, Christmas gifts, and even a “hello”. It was awesome to see people, which we had gone out into the community and invited, at the River – responding to the altar call; giving their lives to Jesus. It’s easy to get into the mindset that we are just blessing these people, but these people are blessing us; after talking to a few of them on the streets, and listening to their individual stories, the things that they’re going through – and then seeing them, presented with the love of God that is the Gospel, hope restored to their eyes, is priceless. It’s what it’s all about.
I think that what Pastor Rodney and the River are doing is incredible. Setting the tone of what the church SUPPOSED is like. Not just keeping the Gospel inside the church, where the people who already know God come on Sunday’s – but taking it out into the community, bringing light into the dark places. Before coming here for Bible school, I had never been soul winning – but now that I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it – it’s become such a passion of mine! The love of God is not just for the church or for a select few people. It’s for everyone. And taking the message of Jesus, to the streets, is for everyone in the church! It’s a rewarding experience, to have an outreach, like the one this past Sunday. To see the fruits of your labors right there before you. Laying down everything that they came in with, at the foot of the cross, and seeing lives changed right before your very eyes. Pastor Rodney understands this, and it is such an awesome privilege being able to serve under his leadership.

Winter Campmeeting | Sarah Monsivais Testimony

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This past winter campmeeting was life-changing for me. For all the morning services I worked with the kids in the three to five’s class, but I was there for the services every night. I truly loved working with the kids every morning. I learned more about flowing with the Holy Ghost in watching, teaching, and leading worship with the kids. Their hearts are so open and tender, and I enjoyed just being there and loving on them as much as I could.

And during the services at night God did a work in me that I cannot even begin to fully describe. I was so hungry and ready for more of Him. I was ready to be changed and transformed. I wanted the Holy Ghost to burn away everything in me that wasn’t of Him, and I wanted to more forward into the dream that He has put inside my heart. God just began to heal to heal the wounded areas of my heart, and He began to unfold to me even more the future that He has in store for me. I know I am going to travel the world, operate in signs wonders and miracles. I know that I’m going to see people healed, set free, delivered, and multitudes come into the kingdom of God.

I also loved seeing Big John Hall here. We are both from Pastor Bob Nichols church, Calvary Cathedral International, in Fort Worth, Texas, so seeing him here was like a little taste of home for me. At the time I was really missing Texas, but then I felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost and the reassurance that I am where I am supposed to be, and God only has good in store. I’m excited to see what He is going to do in the days ahead.