This Present Glory | Daniel Williams Testimony

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The past camp meeting was exciting, and I experienced the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a whole new dynamic. For instance, I learned what it takes to stay on fire for God. Also, I learned what should be the main focus of having a ministry that flourishes with longevity. We have to stay connected to the vine which is Jesus Christ. I learned that Pastor Rodney experienced success in his ministry over the years, and the key to get success. The answer is simple, but fundamental message that sticks to my spirit. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God must be preached the right way. The gospel has to have key elements which are Jesus, Holy Ghost, and the Word rightly divided. What I mean by being preached right is that it has to include the cross, Pentecost, and being sat down on the right side of the father. I learned when you preach the word through these key points it will give you longevity. For example the same message Pastor Rodney preached years ago; he still preaches today nothing has changed the gospel must be consistent. The gospel must line up with your life, serving God with fear and trembling, not with a spirit of fear. Pastor Rodney preached for years the same message, and nothing has changed same fire, prophecy, and zeal. Pastor Rodney never changes on new revelations, and doctrines that come out in churches across America. The gospel must be preached in its purest form in order for the fire of God to fall in the house of God. The Gospel when preached correctly will have long lasting results in this life and also the next. If we change the message of the cross, everything else will change for the worst. Also, we won’t be able to survive, because where no power is being demonstrated, no souls saved, and the carnal church will be burnt up. If we preach the right thing and live a holy life, we will survive, 10, 20, 30 years and even 100 years. When you last that long you can then celebrate and rejoice at what the lord has done. The camp meeting was about survival of the fittest, and being humble enough to endure the lords pruning. Finally, if we obey the previous steps, we can celebrate the victory of a successful ministry that will last a long time. When we launch out in ministry we should follow the same ingrediants that will produce fruit for the kingdom of God.

Great Awakening Tour City #31 Brandon, Florida | Pablo O Testimony

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I went soul winning on friday and while i was walking around i saw from the corner of my eye, there sat a homeless lady under a tree. so i approach her and began to read the script to her and while i was reading the script, she ask what do i get from this. so i replay by saying “the free gift of salvation and if god for bid something was to happen you would go to heaven”. so she began to cry and said “i been praying to god that i didnt want to go downstairs”. And i told her that god heard hear prayer because i was sent to her by a divine time and purpose

Pablo O
Tampa Florida United States

Being Told That All Heaven Will Break Loose Wherever I Go | Joe H Testimony

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Rodney my name is Joe H last year in November at the sunday morning meeting. you came to see me at the hospital but I left before you got there. And the doctors gave me 6 mouth to live. I had conjestive heart failure and hepatitis B. Today I to no conjestive heart failure and I do not have hepatitis B and they can not exelain how this happen and do not understand why.But Rodney you prayed for me and I am healed. prais God!!!!!!!

Joe H
Thonotosassa Florida United States