Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Dianne G Testimony

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I approached a dad with his 2 kids (13 yr and 10 yr?). At first the dad was stand offish. He said he wanted them to pray with me. I started the prayer and waited for the 13 yr old. The dad elbowed him and they all received the Lord. The dad gave me a donation for the ministry and the 13 yr old was smiling at the end. A 19 yr old boy said, “I know I’m going to hell.” He received Christ. My precious friend, Carol kept emailing me this message: God is perfecting all those things pertaining to your life. Well, yesterday, I received an email from my 33 year old son who I haven’t heard from in 13 YEARS! 1) He is not drinking alcohol 2) He is not using drugs 3) He says he’s “stable” i.e., has gotten his “act” together 4) He has a fulltime job as a commercial artist (using his God-given talent!) 5) He is married and says he’s happy 6) He and his wife are expecting their first child and my first grandson! I’m going to be a grandmother! Now, I think God’s delays are not denials! Praise be to God! And I believe in all God’s promises. 2 young men who thought they were saved, they read the bibles sometimes, but thought if they go to church and try to follow it that was enough. They prayed to receive Christ.

Diane G
California United States

Matters of the Heart

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One of the hallmarks of teaching at The River at Tampa Bay Church and The River Bible Institute is the delivery of the Word in such a simple way that a baby Christian can grasp and apply what’s being said, and yet the more mature can hear it as if for the first time. Many things I have known and read in the Bible have become real to me, imparting faith in my heart and empowering me to live what I know and believe.

Never have I been in a church were there is such emphasis on the heart. I have learned that the most important thing I am to do as a Christian is to guard my heart. That means every day I do a heart check with the Holy Spirit like a diligent farmer checking for weeds. I tell the Holy Spirit, “Come, let us go together to inspect my heart. Shine your light and if you find anything that opposes you pull it up by the roots and cast it into the fire.” I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit, because without Him I would not be able to keep my heart. He is very kind and gracious and when I am tempted to be resentful, to judge others, or to take offense He gives me the desire and courage to put the temptations to death immediately. In the class, “Matter of the Heart” I have been validated in my desire for a pure heart, challenged to trust the Lord at all times for all things, humbled by the reality of my salvation, become more grounded in my identity in Christ, have a better understanding of the snare of religion, and I have a deeper and more meaningful desire to walk in the love of Jesus. Thanks to Rodney Howard Browne.

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Dorian O Testimony

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1st time out with our teams. Prayed with 17 people in NH. Man in bed blinked his way through the salvation prayer. Afterwards the man received the joy and his countenance totally changed. Prayed with woman and she jumped forward when he said, “fill me with the Holy Spirit”. He said, “devil come out of her”. Then she sat up and became responsive. A lady recommitted her life. She said, “I can’t forgive them.” But did after. Man first said, “no get out of here.” John went to 2 others then on way out, he said, “I can say that prayer.” 1st day won 6 souls. I don’t win one soul a year. 2nd day, I became team leader. Our team was rejected so we bind the devil. 13 souls won. Team went home and I saw Margarita in children’s parking lot. We had one hour so we want to mall bus stop. Wow 10 souls and we said bye. I drove to VONS and counted 18. Goal was 20, so I drove back to mall bus stop to win two more souls.

Dorian O
California United States

Summer Campmeeting | Elandra L Testimony

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Jesus healed my skin and gastrointestinal disease. I suffered for many years with acne and was tormented every time I looked in the mirror. Two weeks ago, my skin became infected with boils and the enemy tried to tell me I was dying. I declared that I shall live and not die to declare the works of the Lord. Also, I struggled with gluten and lactose sensitivity. My tummy would frequently bloat and hurt. Another symptom was frequent burping spells. During the camp-meeting, Tim Hall was ministering the Word and I felt my faith increasing. I pressed in to Jesus. He touched me and I felt rapt in the presence of the Lord. There was a tingling sensation under my facial skin, movement in my tummy and lots of burps but no pain. It was an unusual touch, but I knew God was doing something. Since I received the healing of the Lord, I ate both wheat and dairy with no problems. I am amazed at the clarity of my skin now. When I look in the mirror I give glory to God and know that there is nothing to difficult for Him. Jesus is my Savior, Deliverer, and Healer! His Name is above acne and gluten/lactose intolerance.

Elandra L
Baton Rouge Louisiana United States

Great Awakening Tour City #34 Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Our lives are changed as result of the Great Awaking Tour. During the time you were in our city. My husband and I went out on the steets in providence, Linda was our team Leader. My husband and I were at one end of Broad Street and Linda and a few of the others were on the other end. I have a twin sister who lives in Providence. My twin sister has been backslidden for about 27 years give or take a little. While I was on one end of broad street winning souls. Linda was on the other end leading my sister and her daughter to the Lord. I had not seen my sister for about two months she showed up at my house that monday after the team left our area she told me that Linda lead her to the Lord gave her and her daughter a CD. Linda also prayed for my sister. My sister had a drug addiction for years she smoked crack cocaine -Linda prayed for My sister’s deliverance had a word of knowledge about what was happening in my sister’s house. That was on Wednesday. That Saturday My sister was taken to the emergency room because her blood preasure was 209 over 100 something I don’t remember what her bottom total was, however it was high. She almost died that day. -But God! The Dr. told her that the drugs were killing her. She said that her throat and air ways were closing up on her due to the amount of drug she was putting in her body. She has not touched Crack cocaine since that time. Thank you for obeying God and as a result my twin sister was set free. She is stil smoking cigarettes and drinking beer please pray for her that that habit will be broken off her as well. Oh Yeah My sister and her fiance came over on the 4th of July and my husband witnessed to my sister’s fiance and he recieved the Lord. My Husband and I have been watching the camp-meeting on the web I called in on friday during the cam-meeting -I called in for the fire of Holy Spirit to go out to soul winning the next day which was Saturday the 12th. A Pastor Friend of mine called me up on Wednesday. She asked my husband and I to help her by going out with her team on Saturday The 12th. We went over to her church we brought the materials that we had left over from the week (34) that we went out with the great awaking tour in Seekonk MA. I ended up doing a quick training. We went out on the streets. The team was so great ful for the tools the pastor was greatful one women so grateful she said she had never won anyone to the Lord before. Using the script was a great help to her she won two people to the lord. My husband got 12 I got 3 we prayed with people. We went out for about an hour. One young man we spoke to was a born again beliver I spoke to him and told him as a child of God that he also had the responsibility to be a witness for the Lord and winning souls to the kingdom of God. He said Howwwwww???? I showed him the script. Read it to him. We gave him a DVD and a Script. He belong to a mission church in the inner city and He is ready. We want to get the materials in his hand so that we can get this mission church on fire and winning souls in the inner city also. That just a few of the stories that we have. This has so impacted our lives. We are never going to be the same again.

Veatrice M
East Providence Rhode Island United States