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rodney howard browne

The outreach of December 13, started for me on the Saturday before as we went out to pass out fliers and invite the people on my bus route to bring their families and come to the Main Event on Sunday. I was team leader of about 11 people and we got a lot of ground covered. Everyone labored very hard.

Sunday was a great reward seeing all the people on the buses. I feel so blessed to be a part of a church that reaches out to the lost. I love soul winning. I love sharing the gospel with those out there who really need it. I feel such fulfillment because I’m developing relationships with those on the bus route, I love them and they all know me and we are like family. It’s such a blessing to be a conduit the LORD uses to bless those who are hurting.

I came across a lady member that I was able to get her son to receive Jesus. He works Sundays, and his mom wanted him to say the prayer of salvation. It was so neat to be able to do that.

One of the young boys on my bus won a bicycle in the children’s service. That was Isaiah and I told him that “if you keep seeking God, like you’re doing right now, that God will keep blessing you, because He has a plan and purpose for you.”

It was priceless, worth more than gold to see the joy on the kids and parents faces as I handed the toys out before we took them back home. The kids were so happy and the parents were so excited that we blessed them with such good toys. They were so thankful and had many good things to say.

I’ll never forget the way I felt as a child when I experienced the presence of God, laying on the floor. I’m so glad that Pastor Rodney has a vision for the children to be under the anointing of God. Its life changing, it’s what everyone needs.

I got to go pray for one of the people on our bus route. Rod and I went to the hospital to pray for Gail’s son and God healed him of an injury to his arm and pneumonia. He could move his arm after prayer and he walked with us as we were leaving.

Jesse D

Keep your Heads Up by Rodney Howard Browne

rodney howard browne talks about saul

It could have been a refreshing relief for the Master to have 1 home in which He could sit and visit, start His sandals, and actually relax. Luke recorded the scene for us in the last few verses of the tenth chapter in his gospel account.



Now as they were traveling along, He entered a hamlet ; and a girl named Martha welcomed Him into her home. She had a sister called Mary, who was sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word. But Martha was distracted with all her preparations ; and she came up to Him and claimed, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to do all of the serving alone? Then let her know to help me.” ( Luke 10:38-40 ). Right away , we are able to see the difference between those 2 sisters—one was satisfied to sit and visit with Jesus, relaxing in His presence, while the other was all bent unfit over “all her preparations.” Pissed off and put out with Mary, Martha made a decision to unload on Jesus, informing him to order Mary to get herself in the kitchen and help her out. Did not He see that “all her preparations” needed a large amount of effort? Definitely there had been no problem with Martha’s need to be hospitable—she just took things too far, attempted to mend too much, and authorized her work to keep her from relaxing and enjoying one of those rare occasions to be with Jesus. She merited high marks for motive, but she permitted her responsibilities to keep her from making the maximum of the possibility.



The Lord answered and expounded to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and worried about so many things ; but only 1 thing is mandatory, for Mary has selected the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” ( Luke 10:41-42 ). Being keenly keen, Jesus saw beyond Martha’s pressing need to prepare something for them to eat as He put His finger on the difficulty : she was making an attempt to do too much. That led straight to her losing patience with her sister and feeling the necessity to tell Jesus what to do to modify things. There had been not much wrong with her desiring to prepare and serve something—she just did not have to go overboard. That would have authorized Martha time to sit and relax with them during Jesus’s visit. She also would have stayed calm, instead of gotten “worried and bothered” about things. As we consider our goals for living a healthy way of life, it is important that we keep our balance. You may do far better in the long run if you set reasonable goals, stay calm and steady, pace yourself, and refuse to make the acute your standard. Preparation has just as much to do with the thoughts you put in your mind’s eye as it does with the food you put in your mouth.

Have you become “worried and bothered” about too many things—or are you staying calm and realistic? If your intensity level is too high, back off ; you will be a lot happier.