Acts 3 tells of a miracle that took place in a man lame from birth. Peter and John were minding their own business when suddenly Jesus reached out through them and set the lame man free. Everyone who saw the results began to look at Peter and John as if they had preformed the miracle. But Peter said (loose translation) ‘why do you look at us as if it was done by our power or our holiness?’ That’s the same mistake we make today when seeking the miraculous power of God. We think lst we must ‘find’ the power..through fasting, prayer, more meetings, more word, more seminars! All those things are great but often leave us cold in the power arena. Then we examine ourselves in the light of holiness which leads to more prayer and fasting and seminars.

All the time we’re on the quest for ‘perfecting’ ourselves to be vessels for miracles people are hurting and dying and in desparate need of God’s power.

Peter clearly solves the questioning of the crowd by simply saying ‘this miracle happened because of His Name..through FAITH in His Name’ . He quickly makes it plain that it isn’t even his own faith but the faith which is by Him.

He is describing the experience of being emptied of self and filled with all Jesus is including His Supernatural Faith that makes it natural to believe God so He can move through you as a conduit to do what He intends to do in the lst place.

Jesus is doing the same over the top miracles today. Rodney Howard Browne teaches us to contend for these kinds of encounters for people on the streets and in our church.

Of Course He Will!

In Mark 7 Jesus refers to healing as the children’s bread and expresses His desire that the children be filled with it (meaning satisfied). Children have a remarkable ability to believe the unbelievable. He exhorts us to imitate them when it comes to entering into those unbelievable things God freely shares. Weary hearts and jaded minds can’t find their way to satisfaction. Knowing that God went a step further and sent His Holy Spirit to lift us to miracles with His Faith.I was at a Rodney Howard Browne meeting. The room was permeated with what felt like molecules of ‘God can do anything!’ Every heart seemed to be lost in one simple faith that God was there to heal and do miracles. When Pastor Rodney Howard Browne prayed for someone the whole entire congregation flowed in their faith toward that person. We watched amazing things happening right before our eyes. Muscles grew on the atrophied limbs of a woman…pins and screws disappeared from under the skin of a man…a woman with brain tumors who had suffered strokes recovered her color, strength and speech right before our eyes. It was as if we were all children that night and were all thinking “of course He will set people free of wheelchairs and crippling diseases–that’s Who He is!” I spent most of the next day just saying ‘Wow God!” Even now I am awed by the memory and incredibly hungry to see the Body of Christ live in that realm.


At Revival Ministries International there is the outline Dr. Rodney Howard Browne used when he taught about true worship from the heart. What I heard was that the Father is seeking something-or better said ‘someone’ who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. I want to paint the biggest baddest bullseye on my worship for Him. I want to be the Fathers target! If His affections are likened to a heat seeking missile then let my heart be a raging inferno times a million. Whenever a word is preached like this one it uncovers the counterfeit. I’m seeing everything I worship besides the I was surprised to find that often I am in love with a song and the Father gets no real worship from me although I call it worship. And I’ve been surprised to find that what I think is insignificant in my praises He totally receives and puts in an book of remembrances that He cherishes for eternity! (Mal 3:16) He is most pleased when I am just me and just real..when I appreciate Him. He is so dangerously out of the box and so Holy. It makes sense that I must come to Him in the Spirit. The Spirit knows the way.

God’s Dreaming

I’ve been thinking about Awakenings..wondering just what exactly is happening with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne, the street teams and America.

The story came to me about the time the champion race car driver Dale Earnhardt fell asleep at the wheel but kept driving anyway. He drove 2 laps hitting 2 walls before he pulled off the track still asleep. It seems that many people in this amazing nation of ours have been asleep at the wheel spiritually but driving anyway-racing around- going in circles without realizing it. To so many of them it seems that God has been strangely absent as if He were the one Who fell asleep..but the problem isn’t that God ‘went somewhere else’ but that America quit looking for Him so they quit seeing Him. Now suddenly ‘Deep is calling to deep’ and hearts are stirring from their slumber..and as always God is initiating and responding both at the same time. And as always He is using mere men and women to declare that the time has come to wake up to a whole new life in Him.

There is a collection of slave readings from the lst Great Awakening in America where one man says “I saw the Book talk” He meant he had seen Christ come alive through the scriptures being presented by a believer and his life was forever awakened to the Eternal.

After all my wonderings about Awakenings the only thing I conclude is that I’m not smart enough to know what exactly is happening but I’m smart enough to not miss it! I want to be a part of every part of His dream to wake America up to Himself.