Dr. Rodney Howard Browne inspired the church – The River at Tampa Bay- to focus an entire 6 weeks winning the lost of Tampa to Jesus. One day I went to a nursing home in Clearwater. Salvation was in the air-following me and going before me. The whole day I knew Someone was overseeing the days connections. I spoke with a man who could not hear. Suddenly he began to answer me and prayed for salvation. When I turned to go I noticed a woman had been standing behind me doing sign language. As quickly as she was there she was gone. Later in the day I heard my name being called from inside a room. I was so surprised because noone knew my name there. I went in and it was the same lady who had done sign language standing by the bed of a 19 year old girl who had a disease that was freezing her body and muscles. The woman said “Tell her.” When I asked the young girl if she knew where she’d go when she died she began to sob and said “I’m in hell now!” We prayed and she began to laugh hysterically from deep within. I started to leave when the woman said “well! don’t you believe in miracles? pray for her body!” I did. The Lord began to loosen her joints and crack a few things. Somehow I knew she would be totally free.As I was leaving the facility I heard the same woman call my name and say “tell her!”. I looked around but only saw a woman in a wheelchair. When I asked her where she’d go when she died she said with all sincerity “no- do you? I’ve asked everyone I know and noone can tell me” She gave her heart to the Lord.


Almost 14 years ago Dr. Rodney Howard Browne came to my church to bring revival. I went to every meeting morning and night for 6 solid weeks. I studied every scripture and was convinced that what was happening was totally God. Fruit doesn’t lie.Tons of salvations, restored marriages,miraculous healings were all manifested. The problem was that I wasn’t experiencing what it seemed everyone else was. It was as if I had a brick wall covering my heart. But the Lord removed the wall one brick at a time. One night at a Rodney Howard Browne Campmeeting service the wall collapsed. A massive wave of power and love came flooding out from within me-healing deep wounds and melting an icy heart. It was Glory from the inside. I thought I knew the Holy Spirit but He showed me and continues to show me new aspects of Glories and places in God.